The vision and goal of Therapists Share Space (TSS) is for therapists to have an online platform to converge, impart experiences and wisdom through resources and offer their services. The first step is to gather as many professionals in the field to join in, share their expertise and materials. TSS is the central resource and marketplace for therapists who create courses, digital products, and training workshops for fellow professionals to further their studies in their career and meet client needs. 

TSS as a Community

Brianna Brazle, a licensed professional and founder of TSS, envisions TSS as a community and convergence point for therapists and mental health workers. It will be therapist-centered to help mental health care professionals find information faster and from legitimate sources. It is also a platform where therapists can communicate freely with one another, exchange ideas, information and experiences in a safe space. 

TSS as a Marketplace

TSS is a free membership site where therapists and other mental health care workers can earn extra by advertising and offering their courses, workshops/training programs, and more. Services are offered with set quality control, healthy competition, and favorable commission rates. In this platform, they have the opportunity to help other mental health care professionals to grow by providing useful materials for their practices, as well as create possible income streams.

How TSS Started

Brianna wanted to fill a void for her colleagues through connections, networking with fellow therapists and other mental health professionals. She wants to impart the multi-level benefits of expansion to others in her field, connection while creating opportunities for EVERYONE TO WIN!
Brianna saw a need for a legitimate platform where therapists and other professionals can connect, share and offer quality materials; thus TSS was born.