Do I have to be a therapist to join TSS?

YES! Therapists Share Space is an exclusive community to help support individuals who are currently licensed in the mental health field. Though we would love to open our “doors” to everyone it is an expectation that everyone who is invited to join is creditialed. We do welcome individuals who are pre licensed, meaning your have completed your graduate program and are creditaled with your respective state an associate or intern.

We do check creditals as part of the approval process when you sign up to join.

I'm a mental health professional and I sell apparel, games, journals, etc. Can I sell them on TSS?

TSS is a resource library and only accepts digital products for professional development or interventions for clients.

What is TSS?

Therapists Share Space is your ultimate therapy resource! A marketplace where mental health professionals can source original resources, works, material, etc which can be used to support clients and for professional growth.

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing, Nada, ZIP! It is absolutely free to join!

If you would like to contribute to the TSS library a commission will be collected as part of your sale.

Are resources free?

Yes and no. Our goal is to offer a variety of resources at varying price points to meet the budget and needs of every professional.

How can I download or buy TSS resources?

You just need to be a TSS member to start downloading and purchasing resources! There are both free and paid resources available on TSS, and once you have an account, you can start browsing and downloading right away. Since these are digital resources, you can download them at any time.

Does TSS check for the quality of the resources uploaded?

Yes, at TSS we not only want to provide a wealth of resources we also want to ensure you receive quality material. All uploads will be reviewed prior to being approved and made available for purchase and downloaded.